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Welcome to Art and Above, the revolutionary digital art gallery. We promote stunning artwork by modern artists committed to building the Neo-Renaissance with new technologies such as AI, the metaverse, and immersive tech (VR, AR, XR). In a society consumed by materialism, we recognize the essential role of art in intellectual and spiritual progress. Artists infuse the world with the beauty of their soul, adding depth and complexity to reality. Art and Above was founded by artists dedicated to making a genuine impact through aesthetic and intellectual experiences. We strive for art that is not only incredibly original and beautiful but also meaningful, poetic, and philosophical. Our aim is to invite individuals on an ontological, synesthetic, and transformative journey, delving into the profound depths of existence. Explore our gallery and join the new era of artistic expression. Together, let's forge a future where art and technology intertwine in an aesthetic and philosophical revolution.


Jean Arno is an acclaimed artist known for his exceptional poetry and profound philosophical insights, which are showcased in his books "Trophies," "Soliloquies," and the upcoming "Thus Dreamed the Prophet." With a deep fascination for AI and the metaverse, Arno fearlessly explores the intersection of art and cutting-edge technologies. He has been at the forefront of pioneering artistic and synesthetic experiences in the metaverse, seamlessly linking 3D interactive artwork, music, and poetry to create an immersive art form. Through his groundbreaking philosophical approach, characterized by "chaosism" and "symphonism," Arno uncovers hidden layers of existence, offering a palimpsestic journey that reveals the multifaceted power of the self. Today, he is recognized as a leader of the Digital Renaissance movement, harmoniously blending classical art with contemporary advancements.

"Through art and literature, life dances on the very strings of a soul."

Jean Arno

Joey Richardson

Joey Richardson is a pioneering phygital artist known for his work in new media art and phygital art with AI enhancements. With a PhD in Art History, he started in New York's street art scene before shifting to tech-infused art in San Francisco. His work, known for its satirical edge, critiques societal illusions and advocates overcoming adversity through art. Richardson's unique fusion of coding, engineering, and traditional artistry pushes the boundaries of creative expression.

"For the artist, the world may impose limits, yet within the realm of art, they transform those confines into an expansive canvas, adorned with the limitless hues of their dreams.".

Joey Richardson 

Jane Auckman

Jane Auckman, originally from Los Angeles, ventured into avant-garde art after experiencing Berlin and London's underground scenes. Her travels to New York and San Francisco led to collaborations with local artists and an introduction to Silicon Valley's innovations. She started with NFT versions of her abstract paintings, later delving into holographic, VR, and AR art, recognizing their dynamic potential.

"Art transfigures reality by revealing this essential invisibility, this quintessence of the world, a kind of mystery imbued with soul".

Jane Auckman

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