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Jean Arno (Arnaud)

Jean Arno (Arnaud) is a visionary artist, poet and philosopher at the forefront of the digital renaissance, seamlessly blending art with technology. His career is distinguished by exhibitions at esteemed venues such as NFT Factory Paris and insightful presentations at international conferences like NFT NYC and The Library in Boston.


Jean Arno's (Arnaud) work is celebrated for its innovative use of digital media, including NFTs, which are available for viewing and purchase on prominent digital platforms.

Jean is also a prolific author, known for his groundbreaking manifesto, "Chaosism or the Art of Totality". This work posits art as a powerful catalyst akin to the quantum revolution in sciences, capable of transforming society by integrating various disciplines such as poetry, video, new media, music, science, engineering, and philosophy.

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Vision. Philosophy. 

Jean Arno (Arnaud) sees art as the most refined means to channel and elevate the inner forces and powers of the being to their peaks. Thus, art becomes an ontological quest. In creating, the artist also sculpts himself. Art allows for a higher expression of the mysteries of the world, existence, and the soul—all that pertains to the ineffable. Art is both an exploration and an experience that must be communicated because "every being in the other prolongs itself" and "every note in a heart soon becomes a symphony."


Pushing the limits of the possible is the supreme task, and it is through the use of new artistic mediums that this dream is allowed to expand the entire human experience through technology, turning a world into a universe. This may be the entire transhumanist revolution: to increase the power of being and the poetic force that every artist possesses. It is easily understood that the ideal can only be achieved by acknowledging the real—not by falsifying it, not by denying it—but by overcoming it through itself. It is about admitting the deeply dynamic nature of the world and its chaotic and complex essence, and transcribing these through the means of art—immersive, synesthetic, palimpsestic—capable of marrying the undefined and shifting nature of the world where "every being is never anything but becoming."

Jean Arno (Arnaud) defined his concept in his aesthetic manifesto The Art of Totality, which to art is what quantum is to physics, a revolution of paradigms and a mode of thought that suits the digital renaissance. This higher realm that art enables one to reach—which by its symbolic and plural nature is always beyond conceptual thought—is not only of an aesthetic, spiritual, or metaphysical order but is of an entirely different order—it must aim for a transformation of man because "beyond the individual, it's humanity that blazes."

The artist is committed in his art, and if he attempts the impossible, he is not detached from the world but must be the founding light of a better and more enlightened humanity and fight against all invasive forces that would try to diminish human power. Jean Arno (Arnaud) thus proposes an art that is not made to be seen but to be experienced, an art that invites the individual to introspection, to an inner journey to surpass themselves and in turn become a creator, a light that spreads and shapes the future.

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La Comédie humaine 

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Soleil Brisé

Prometheus "The Dawn Bringer" 

The Universe Within

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